Riccardo Ullio, Chef & Restaurateur - U Restaurants, Atlanta, GA


“This is a Miracle Machine” – Riccardo Ullio


Chef Riccardo replaced two 14” Fryers with a P-30 Convection Fryer at his popular Inman Park restaurant, cutting 2/3 of his oil cost. Ullio cooks an assortment of menu items in the same fryer with no flavor transfer and reported a noticeable improvement in product quality. The ease of use and ability to filter on command, even while frying, has turned his staff into big fans of the Convection Fryer.


Robert Regan, Chef/ Owner - Gumbeaux’s Cajun Cafe, Douglasville, GA


“In the 20 years since opening my restaurant, no single piece of equipment has added as much to my bottom line. In addition to oil savings, we set new sales records in our first week of use and I owe it to the increased production of the Pearl City Fryer.” – Robert Regan


Chef Robert Regan installed his first P-38 Fryer in October of 2012 and a second unit in March of 2014.


Jerry Bayona, Corporate Chef – Columbia Restaurant – Ybor City, FL


Florida’s Oldest Restaurant is using Pearl City’s cutting edge technology to save oil, increase efficiency and improve product quality. Columbia Restaurant is projected to save $11,000 on oil cost this year. In addition, Chef Bayona has been able to reduce the cook time on their popular plantains by 50% and reported the quality is far superior when cooked in the Pearl City Convection Fryer.


Owen Johnson, Owner - Fred’s Market / Johnson BBQ – Plant City, FL


Owen Johnson is saving $3,000 per month on oil and has reduced his cook times by 30%. Consistent with other operators, Johnson has reported a significant improvement in the quality of his product.


Sammy Rodriguez, Chef & Director of Foodservice – Camp Kulaqua – High Springs, FL


Sammy Rodriguez is experiencing invaluable returns at his Cafeteria in High Springs. One product in particular, vegetarian scallops, was a focal point for improvement and the Pearl City Fryer exceeded expectations. Prior to installing the Pearl City Convection Fryer, cook time for 700 servings of this item took 2hrs and 30minutes. By replacing their fryers with a P-38 Convection Fryer, Chef Rodriguez reduce cook time 60% to 1hr. He has also reported an improvement in product quality and a significant extension in hold time of products cooked in the Convection Fryer vs. other fryers.


The Cowfish at Universal CityWalk, Universal Studio’s – Orlando, FL


Cowfish Universal Studio’s Orlando was seeking solution to accommodate large demand of their fried menu items. Unable to keep up with demand, Cowfish replaced two brand new top of the line fryers from a well-known fryer manufacturer with a Pearl City Convection Fryer. Cowfish has reported that the increased cooking efficiency has allowed them to keep up with demand and alleviated a previous bottleneck they were experiencing at the fry station.