• Four Nickel Plated Baskets

• 1 ½” Drain Valve

• One Drain Extension

• Rear Gas Connection

• Manual Gas Shut Off

• Electric Gas Valve and Regulator

• Hot Surface Ignition System

• Remote Heat Exchanger with 90% Efficient Burner

• 6” Stainless Steel Legs

• 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Fry Tank

• 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Side Panels

• Fully Insulated Fry Tank to Improve Efficiency

• Fully Insulated Heat Exchanger

• Removable Basket Holder

• Digital Controls with Four Countdown Timers

• Thermostat Settings 200F to 360F



To insure ultimate safety there are two solid state high

limit sensors: one in the flue and one in the oil


The temperature controller activates an ignition system in order to maintain desired temperature.


Most advanced control in the industry which allows for repeatability to one degree of accuracy


Pumping system

High Temperature Centripetal Magnetic Pump


Custom designed for continuously moving hot oil through the system


Filter System

In-tank filter allows filtration during the frying process


Holding Tank

The P series fryer is equipped with two filters; a fry tank filter when the fryer is cooking and a holding tank filter when the fryer is idle


Holding tank filter allows the oil to be polished several times a day while not frying


The holding tank not only houses the primary filter but is also a reservoir used to replenish the oil in the fry tank as required


Heat Exchanger

Mild Steel Nickel Plated fins for Injecting Heat into the Oil


Forced air blower injecting air and gas into Stainless Steel Burner Sleeve Allows For 360 Degree Uniform Flame